Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the second day of Christmas.... Chicken and Dumplins!

Day Two... (definately needed pain medicine... swelling and bruising is not consisitent with trying to be festive!)
If you know me.. you know I don't do flour.. I am afraid of it, I don't get the right consistency for anything.. So, I was going to try to make dumplins with Pillsbury grands, cut in quarters, like the website... the looks I got from my husband... well let's just say he deserves a wife that can do this!! He is amazing in the kitchen, and I am invading his space!! He is a nervous wreck! So I did it... I made my own dumplins flour and all!! I am kind of excited.. and I can tell he is too :) I love doing things for them.. my family!!
Tomorrow will have to be something crafty... He is on duty and won't be here to clean his kitchen.. since I don't put the spices back the right way!

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