Thursday, March 12, 2009

So Much For Spring being Sprung...

Project 365 March 12, 2009

Wow.. It was so cold! And it was really cold in my house today. That is what happens when you make a mistake and turn the heat off because it was so warm last week! Shiver Me Timbers!!!

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Please pray for Eric Fliyah. He is 20 years old and was taken to the hospital Monday only to find out he has cancer. They thought it was lymphoma, the latest news is that it could be a germ cell tumor. It is a large mass that has cause liquid to surround his heart, and causing him to have trouble breathing. He starts a hard chemo tomorrow.. even if you don't know him... please oh please just lift him up in your prayers. He is a great young man who loves Jesus and believes he will get through it!!! Thanks!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Has Spring Really Sprung??

Project 365, March 11, 2009

I don't want to get to cocky with the whole weather thing... driving down the road I am noticing some pretty big buds on the trees... my tulips are sprouting all over the place!! Dare I say "Spring" I think we could all use a little sunshine. I think sun helps you recover... Don't you?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She's So Far Away...

Project 365 3/10/09

I seem to spend a lot of time looking at Bethany's empty bed.. (BTW Joey slept there last, she won't like this picture..) But I know she is going through such a rough time right now and I don't know how to make it better. I try to give advice on things I don't understand. I love her so much and know that God is going to do such great things in her life, the things she is going through are temporary, but I know they are huge and very hard for her. What is a mom to do... BUT SEND A CANDY CHEER PACKAGE!!! :) I Love Her So Much!!... And have I mentioned she graduates from college and nursing school next month!! WOW!!
I can't possible be old enough to have a daughter who could be about to get a bachelors degree.. I am sure that is what you are thinking... All I can say is that you are right!! :)
But I would not change a thing in this amazing young woman's life!!!

Retreats are SOOOO much work!!

Project 365 3/9/09

To get ready to go to a relaxing weekend of scrapping with the girls should not be this hard... Page packs after Page packs... and I am still no where near ready for the weekend!!

Joey Had To Have His Chicken and Noodles!!

Project 365 3/8/09

He really does not eat like this, except when he has been eating at Baldwin (School Cafe) way too much! Would you believe he took a tub home with him too!!

And I had to get Taylor over here to feed her too... it is her favorite!!

Family Game Night!

Project 365 3/7/09

Family game night was fun... Although Bible challenge seemed to be a lot funner to me before Joey started theology and old testament in college!! I still won!! :) Then we played another game that forced me to drink water and whistle Jesus Loves Me at the same time. In the end the girls won, even though the guys were much better at Charades!!

Joey doesn't have to challenge everything does he?

Begging won't help!!

Praying won't give you a win!!!

What is he so excited about... WE WON!!!

Time To Catch Up!!!

I really got behind... even missed a few days. I am pretty discouraged about it.. but I am going to try to stick with it!!
3/1/09 Church was great. We talked about hope and getting encouragement from His word!!
Project 365 3/3/09
Oh Chipotle... My friend Gwen met me there for lunch today, it is great to get to see her during the day!!!
Project 365, 3/4/09
Please tell me this dog is not seriously into this basketball game!!!